Friday, May 25, 2012

My Life in a Nutshell

This is me. The handsome man next to me is the reason for the smile I have on my face constantly. His name is Tyler.

This is my little bundle of joy, Tucker. He is the cutest dog ever, don't let Ty tell you differently (he's partial to his mammoth collie). Although I love my pup, I am quite sad that he somehow inherited his mother's (my) clumsiness. Example: He was following me up the stairs on Wednesday and on the FIRST step, he tripped over his front paws and did a faceplant into the side of the steps. I gave him an 8 on execution and a 5 on artistry, but he was mainly concerned with looking pathetic so he could have cuddle time with mama. This little boy LOVES to cuddle. He doesn't care if he's 50 lbs. He thinks he has every right to be on me or Ty at any minute in time.
See? Pathetic, I tell you. The white blur getting water is a dalmation named Bo, aka Snaggletooth, and the little thing in the corner is a Jack Russell named Zeva (as in NCIS) aka Miss Priss. Both are Ty's mama's doggies. P.S. that is NOT my messy kitchen!

Tyler and Tucker are not ALL of my life, just most of it. I will not put up any pictures of anything to do with work for privacy reasons, just know that I work for a racing team and it's awesome :)

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