Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Fact Is...



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The Fact Is…

-for some reason today I am absolutely exhausted. It must be the weather, because everyone I’ve talked to at work feels the same way.

-I really don’t see Tyler and I getting back together. I so wish I did, because I miss him so so much…but obviously communication isn’t important to him like it is to me.

-going along with the above, I get so worried when I don’t hear from him for hours (like 16) at a time. I hope he’s not hurt or something (see?! This is what goes on in my crazy mind!).

- I absolutely can’t wait until I move into my apartment. I’m a little nervous, though.

- my 25th birthday is Friday, and I’m not excited at all. I’m glad my car insurance went down (by half! woop woop!) but I have no plans. All my friends are busy. Either I’m getting a killer surprise party (doubtful) or I’m going to be the lame one by herself all day on her birthday. At least I have the day off of work.

-I am so incredibly unbelievably lonely. So much so that it hurts very badly. I don’t feel as if I have someone to confide in, that would honestly listen, understand, and not judge. I wish there was an Indy Bloggers group, because you all are so much more supportive and kinder than anyone I know IRL.

-we just found out our company bonuses are coming in a month earlier than expected…and rather than blowing all of mine on a nice shopping spree and putting some in my savings, I’m contemplating putting half in my savings and donating the other half. I can’t really afford to blow all of it or even donate half of it, but…material things aren’t what life is about, and someone needs the money more than I do.
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I was nominated for the “Liebster  Blog Award!” This really made my heart happy; as it means that some people do read and enjoy my blog. It’s been acting as therapy for me, so the knowledge that other people like my silly ramblings makes the dark clouds rise a little bit. Thanks to Holly for the honor . Rules state that I give 11 random facts, answer her 11 questions for me, and then nominate others. I don’t know any other little blogs except AAA and Emily, so I nominate them J

1)      I was born in California, but moved to Indiana (where my mom is from) when I was very young.

2)      I’m only 4’11”. You know how when you’re 2 and your doctor doubles the height you are and says that’s how tall you’ll be? Apparently I was a tall 2 year old or I had a dumb doctor, because I am supposed  to be 5’7”. I wish.

3)      I work for an IndyCar team. We’re pretty well-known. I love my job and the perks that come with it!

4)      I used to do a little bit of acting, and have been in two low budget horror films.

5)      I played the strings (mainly the viola) for 8 years. I miss it horribly.

6)      I’ve driven the same car since I was 16. It’s a 1997 Honda CR-V. Red, but more like pink since it’s so old.

7)      I’m extremely shy and awkward around people I don’t know…which makes fact #4 weird.

8)      My half siblings and I are all 12 years apart. Yes, that means that my sister is 24 years older than I am.

9)      I have a 10 month old Golden Retriever/ Sharpei  mix named Tucker. He’s the only boy I need in my life.

10)   I canceled a wedding. I still feel awful about it.

11)   I’m slowly but surely working my way up to being as happy and as positive as I want to be. Blogging is helping.

And now Holly’s 11 Questions for me

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
- Banana Nutella
What is the best book you have read in the last year?
- The Help
You have just won an all-expense-paid vacation to the destination of your choice, where do you want to go?
- Hawaii, no question. Been there twice, never wanted to leave either time
What song always makes you happier when you listen to it?
- Beautiful by Mercy Me
Are you a going to have a scary or funny jack-o-lantern for Halloween?
-I won’t have one
When the alarm goes off in the morning, do you jump up ready to face the day or hit the snooze button as many times as possible?
-I hit the snooze about 5 times. I even set my alarm for earlier so I can hit it more (tell me I’m not the only one who does this?!)
Do you have any siblings?
-one stepbrother, one halfbrother, and one halfsister
Is your bed made right now?
-nope, I only make it when I wash the sheets
How would you spend your time if all of a sudden you have the afternoon free and all to yourself?
-probably go on a hike with my puppy
Who is your favorite super hero?
- Batman
Which is more you: sneakers or high heels?
-Both. I love all shoes!


  1. It makes me smile that you're under 5 ft tall... cause I am too. Short people unite! And thanks for the nomination, friend! :D

  2. Dropping in from the link-up! Let me give you some advice, don't make time for someone who doesn't make time for you! Guys should call, otherwise you are just a booty call or arm candy for whenever they feel like it. Next time you are dating, don't call/text until they do you until you are serious! It works every time!

  3. A shoe lover from Indiana? Sounds like my kinda gal! And banana nutella? Where can I find this magic!?

  4. Hi Cate! I am sorry that you are having such a hard time and I am glad that my nomination could help out. I love how much I learned about you! I'm in NW Indiana and before that lived in California for a year and a half. My bed only gets made on sheet changing day too! Plus my birthday is on Saturday, which I say is close enough! haha I'll just ignore the fact that your are more than 10 years younger, that's close enough too right?

    You are very strong and courageous, even if it does not feel like that all the time. I completely understand the loneliness and pain. Feel free to send me an email any time you need to be heard. You are not alone, I promise.


  5. hey i couldn't figure out how to respond to your comment so i'm leaving one here. yes my brother in law is from indy too!

  6. CATE!!!! This post made me so sad about what you are dealing with and how lonely you are feeling! I would love to be there for you girl! You have my email!!! I would love for you to be able to vent to me! I know exactly what you are going through! With my mishaps that have happened with my wedding...and then when i was 19 I had called off a wedding prior!! :( I am thinking about you now! xoxox