Friday, September 28, 2012

I get to see the LOVE of my LIFE tomorrow!


Dear Tucker, we are having a playdate tomorrow at a fundraising event with your Aunt Sam and cousin Mia. Please, PLEASE be on your best behavior. Mama is SO FREAKING EXCITED to see you. I'm sorry you're a "divorced child" right now, but as soon as Mama gets enough money saved up to move out, it will be just the two of us. I love you, my sweet boy.
He's excited too. He just doesn't know it yet. I bet this look will be on his face allllll day.

Dear Ex, I have to see you tomorrow to pick up Tuck. Please do not make this awkward. Although, I have a feeling it will be...just from the texts you have been sending me. I don't know how to take them. Are you just saying all of those things to try and make me feel better, or do you realize you jumped the gun on your decision to end things? As much as I still love you and want to be with you, my heart still hurts too much. You are so confusing to me.

Dear Parents, why have you not picked up on my 50 hints that I want to go to the Hunter Hayes/Carrie Underwood concert in November? Hunter has a delicious voice, albet a baby face, and Carrie is absolutely beautiful and a music icon. Those things mean we HAVE to go. No excuses. You guys both make 2 times more than I do, so go buy the tickets! Maybe I'll get you a share...(those things are expensive!) and P.S. I'm still mad you didn't bring me back pineapple from Hawaii.
How could you NOT want to see them?!

Dear random Obama Law, because of you, we didn't get our insurance premium taken out of this check...because you paid it for us! Thank you for sparing my $27.25 (hey...when you only make what I do, it's nice!).

Dear Today, you are a gorgeous fall afternoon. I'm sad I have to watch you through the wall of windows at work. I hope you keep this up the entire weekend.

Dear Eureka, Illinois, get ready, because I am invading you next weekend! Homecoming 2012 is sure to be a blast, especially because this time I can watch the game instead of having to cheer at in (okay...who am I kidding, I spent more time watching the game and yelling than chanting and stunting). GOOOO RED DEVILS!



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