Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Boyfriend Diaries: The Punk

All of these recent happenings have got me thinking about the many crazy relationships I was stupid enough to get in to, and I figured it'd make good reading material, and is also a good therapy. So, without further ado, I present to you volume 1 of The Boyfriend Diaries.

The Punk was my first real boyfriend. We met the summer of 2005, the summer before my senior year (yeah..I'm a late bloomer I guess). We met at Warped Tour, of all places (a huge punk/rock/alternative concert). He had tagged along with his friend, who was trying to date this girl I knew. We met and I instantly thought he was cute with his farmers tan, blond hair, and bright blue eyes. My friend Stacey fell in love, though. She was determined to make this farm boy hers, and I understood. I was so used to being the single one that it didn't even phase me to hang in the background. Boys never looked at me anyway. I was too short, painfully shy, and extremely gawky.

Needless to say, The Punk wasn't interested in Stace. He liked me. I was shocked, but as our group stood in the lawn listening to Fall Out Boy belt out their latest hits, he shyly asked me if he could stand next to me. During the bridge to "Sugar, We're Going Down," his hand found mine. His arms were around my waist by the time the band came back for their encore, and by the end of the night I was starstruck. We all went to Steak & Shake after the long day of concerts, and when it was time to go home he gave me a kiss on the cheek and his phone number.

The Punk and I officially started dating about a month later. He lived 2 hours away from me, and was 2 years younger. We somehow made it work, by talking on the phone for hours every night, to alternating weekend visits. In October, my world came crashing down (hey I was 18, give me a break).

The Punk had cheated on me. On my 18th birthday, he went to his school's fall dance (I don't remember why I wasn't able to go?) with his "friend" Audrey, and they kissed. Nothing more, but I was still devastated. I remember being at work when Stacey texted me to tell me she had heard. My heart stopped as I started getting phone call after phone call from The Punk. It was true. He was sorry. I vowed to never speak to him again.

The next week (I know...I know) we talked. He apologized some more, and we agreed to get back together the next time we saw each other. Which was the day after Thanksgiving. A month away. I blame it on being a dumb high-schooler, but really?! How absurd is that. Getting back together at a pre-determined date? Ugh. Old self, you make me nauseous sometimes.

Well, the Big Day finally came, and we got back together. Things were fine, until I went to visit Stacey who had that point moved to California to pursue her dream of being an actress (and the girl actually did it!). It was February, and as Stace and I gossiped and ate Chinese food while creeping on Myspace, I noticed something. The Punk was immature. I mean, very. I guess I had never noticed the effects of our age gap before. I knew in my gut that I shouldn't be with him, so I broke things off. With a Myspace message. Yes...I was that girl.

After tumulus years of hating each other to being friends to liking each other to falling back in love, The Punk and I maintained this pretty awesome friendship. He is the only ex I talk to today. The Punk was my first love, and a place in my heart will always be his. We like to play the "what if?" game, but I think both of us know that we're just simply never meant to be. He's become the kind of friend that I can tell anything to, and I cherish that. I never thought I would consider the first boy to break my heart one of my greatest friends, but whatever.

Stay tuned for more of The Boyfriend Diaries. Trust me, I have plenty.

Are you and your first love still friends?

Yours truly and The Punk. This wasn't taken when we dated, probably a year or so after. We were at a house party, which explains the goofy expressions. I also look 5.

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