Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Bucket List

Well, it's been a week since "the official break-up," and I'm doing alright. I say alright, because while I realize more and more every day that Tyler was not right for me and there was a lot about him and our relationship I didn't like, it's still hard. A break-up always is. It's hard knowing you're just....you. Not half of a couple. I not only am without a "love," but also a great friend. He of course spouted off the "I really want to stay friends" speech, but I ignored it. I need my time. My space. I also have realized something HUGE this past week. I need to live my life for me...no one else. With that being said, I want to make a list of things I want to do/accomplish in my life. For me.
*start going to church again. I went to church with my best friend and her husband this weekend, and loved it. I'm definitely going back.
*visit Chicago and do all the touristy things, like go see The Bean.
*adopt a child, whether it is financially or physically.
*buy a new car.
*get my own apartment.
*go on a cruise.
*go zip lining.
*take surfing lessons...in Hawaii.
*go to the Harry Potter theme park.
*go on a ride in a hot-air balloon.
*learn how to actually do my hair (curl, french braid, sock bun, etc.).
*get in shape.
*run a marathon.
*swim with dolphins.
*reconcile with my dad.
*visit my "sister" in Japan (exchange student my family hosted in high school).
*be completely debt-free.
*get Lasik surgery (sooooo scared of this!)
*visit every continent.
*become more self confident.
*be truly 100% happy.

What's on your bucket list?


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