Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back to School, Back to School

to prove to Dad I'm not a fool...

Back to school posts are clogging up my Twitter/Facebook right now. Most of them are negative...and I kind of want to shake those people. They think school is hard? Just wait until you get out of it, buddy. Sure, classes and exams are tough, but what's even tougher is finding a job that pays off those classes and exams. Unless of course you're lucky enough to not have loans (or convinced your daddy to pay them off for you like my spoiled brat of an ex-roommate). After doing a guest post for Alexandra on how I landed at my current job, I started thinking of just how lucky I was. Then I had to pay all my bills. Then I got pissed and wished I was going back to school with everyone else...and had to settle for wishful-thinking school shopping online (you know...when you fill your cart with things to buy and then get sad that you can't afford it because Sallie Mae* is sucking you dry). I'll let you lovely readers in on my "wishlist" (all 4 of you! haha).
Xhilaration® Tan/Pink Neon Backpack
A super cute stylish backpack! I was definitely one of those girls that just threw everything into an old Jansport, and could never find anything. This has lots of pockets, so if the cute new transfer sitting next to you asks for a pen, you can find him one before Slutface McGee practically throws one at him.

Womens Anna Solid Rain Boots - Yellow
A good pair of rain boots. My college campus was only a few city blocks long (tiny private Christian school), but walking to class in the rain or snow was still horrendous. Sometimes I'd drive the block and a half to math at 7:00 am if I didn't want to get the bottoms of my pants soaked (#shortgirlproblems). Yes, I know that's a waste of gas, and no, I didn't care.

Victoria's Secret/46.50
Sweatpants. Lots and lots of sweatpants. At my school, you could ALWAYS tell who was a freshman by how they dressed the first couple weeks of school. Fitted blazers, cute skirts, little peep-toe pumps for the girls. Distressed jeans and polos with a TON of cologne for the guys. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors looked like they just rolled out of bed. Most of the time, we did. Mornings were for hitting the snooze button, watching cartoons/the news while shoveling cereal in our mouths, and trying to get rid of hangovers...not primping. It wasn't uncommon for girls to be brushing their teeth in the bathrooms on the academic side of campus (hey, at least we brushed them).

HP ENVY Sleekbook 15.6" Laptop PC (6-1014nr) with 500GB Hard Drive, 4GB Memory, Beats Audio – Black
A cute, light laptop. I wish I had had one in college. I was probably the only person there that had a desktop computer, but it was a very nice one. A laptop not only makes note-taking a lot easier during lectures, but also provides entertainment for those days where you're just not interested in what's being taught (come on, we all have/had those days). Right now I'm lusting after the HP UltraBook, but unless my current one croaks, I'll just keep wishin'.

That's all, chickadees. Oh! That reminds me. I watched Here Comes Honey Boo Boo last night online, and I...have no words. I do like the nickname Chickadee, though. She seems the most normal. That's saying a lot, since she's the pregnant 17 year old. 'Mericahh.. Where that is normal... 


*Sallie Mae is the loan place that harasses you for months on end. They apparently think all college graduates make 50k a year right after they leave school. Pft. Crazies.

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