Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Okay... here goes. My first "linking up" post. I'm a baby blogger, and figured a link-up is the best way to get started!

1) the fact that my puppy-child, Tucker, is back home after a "vacation" with extended family. (an "unapproved by his mama" vacation, mind you. don't worry baby...your grandma will NEVER take you away from me again).

2) a tv show is taping an episode where I work today and tomorrow. It's pretty cool to see all the cameras and sound equipment! I hope hope HOPE that they don't film me for anything. My face will turn bright red, I'll mumble, won't be good.

3) Fall is almost here! I love fall...mostly because I looove sweaters, boots, pumpkins, cute jackets, and my birthday :)

4) The Boyfriend is taking me on my first "real" camping trip this weekend! And we get to take the puppy-children!!

5) I just saw this AWESOME thing from The Container Store. It has little compartments to hold your hairdryer and straightener, and you can store them while they are STILL HOT! Genius. Must have this.

That was fun :)

Spunkily yours,

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