Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday's Letters


I'm linking up with this girl today for "Friday's Letters!

Dear Nutella commercial that is on one of the TV's at work right now, watching you makes my tummy rumble and wish I had a jar of Nutella with some strawberries right now. Or a Nutella Mug cake. Whichever.

Dear Boyfriend, I'm pretty sad we can't go camping this weekend...I'm going to convince you we should go to the fair, instead. I NEED deep fried Oreos. Like, yesterday.

Dear Tucker, I'm so excited to spend a whole weekend cuddled with you, my precious furchild. Stop growing though. 8 months and 80 lbs is a little redic.

Dear certain people at work that shall remain nameless, It is a good idea to ACTUALLY COMMUNICATE with those that work on things with you (aka me). I feel like an idiot when people ask me something and I don't know the answer because you haven't told me.

Dear you and you, Thank you so much for your kind words. I wasn't planning on talking about depression this close into the game, but I did. And I was so surprised that complete strangers were so incredibly loving and kind. Thank you :)

Dear Friday, It is only 9 in the morning and I already wish it was 5... This happens every single haven't gotten the hint yet?

Spunkily yours,



  1. Last night I had to stop myself from buying nutella, even though I reallllllly wanted it. (Why can't that be a "good for me" food? alas!)
    And you're quite welcome! One of my favorite things about blogging is the encouragement I can get from others, and the friendships you can make. :)

  2. Oh I hope you get to go to the fair! I love fairs specifically for the deep fried goodness! Have you ever had a deep fried snickers bar? They are ridiculously good! Just found your blog and I'm so excited to get to know you better and follow along!

    new follower :)